On top of the artist impressions

and interactive application, MCL Land

implored us to go beyond our

traditional services to propose

content to fit into a projection space they had set aside. Using the technology and skills we already had on hand, coupled with a bit of experimenting and expanding, we were able to conceptualise and execute a 360degree fly through - consisting of an extensive interactive look through the Parc Esta compound, which allowed visitors an unconventional way to explore the space. The fly through was later placed in a custom-built space for their visitors to enjoy. We are thankful to the client for giving us a lot of autonomy when it came to the artistic direction during the developing process, this allowed for us to set the perfect atmosphere for visitors. 


It is always a pleasure working with clients that trust in our artistic capabilities. 

We were approached by Gardens By The Bay to produce their very first interactive kiosk, aimed towards providing visitors a fun new means to explore and get educated on the intricacies and nuances of the Cloud Forrest Dome. Not conventional to our usual services, the GB project was interesting because it was also our first time assuming a “One-Stop Solution” role, where in we were tasked to cover all bases -  from conceptualisation, production and execution. While it was challenging, we were excited for the opportunity to hone and expand on our skill set to achieve our client’s vision. During the execution process, we had to overcome an unprecedented effort to install a fully interactive, wide screen kiosk onto a suspended steel bridge. This installation process came with many structural and stability concerns, however with assistance from an equally motivated contractor, we were able to almost seamlessly integrate the kiosk into the visitor’s experience. 


We are grateful to Gardens By The Bay for giving us the opportunity to work on this project, and are ecstatic that the results were as favourable as they could be.