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Reality Capture | Laser Scanning | Photogrammetry | Digital Twins Bringing Real World Physical Assets to the Virtual Worlds and the Metaverse

Increase your ROI on your real world asset!

What is Reality Capture?

As Hybrid models of work becoming increasingly common and demanded, the ability to interact over the internet becomes ever more important; your physical real-world assets needs to be brought into the Metaverse to benefit your business as a Digital Twin

What is Reality Capture?

As a 3D model, as large as a building or a commercial vessel or small as a piece of jewelry, once in the digital realm, layers of interactivity can be overlaid on top of it. Virtual Tours, Product Samples, Serious Games,

Founded in 2003, Sixtrees provides 3d solutions for many segments including:

  • ​Engineering, Maritime and Technical industries
  • Infrastructure and Construction
  • Product Stakeholders
  • Biomedical Animations
  • Architecture and Real Estate
  • Agencies and Marcoms

We had our event yesterday and the video was well received! Thank you for your hard work, was a pleasure working with you.

LK, Keppel Land

Thanks for all your help. It has been a pleasure working with you. You’ve been been helpful in the process and we are happy with the final result.

GC, Keppel Data Center

It’s really been a pleasure working with your team and really grateful that you have reviewed the video again to make it better!

MT, National Heritage Board

We were impressed with the team’s quality of work and professionalism shown. You have made very good progress on the project.

FN, Sentosa Development Corporation

Thanks again for doing a wonderful job on our project!

JMC, Century Properties

We were honestly very impressed with the level of animation that Sixtrees did for us! Content was reflected to a T and video quality was superb. Feedback received was all very positive, and many people who've seen it could understand immediately how our product functions as we had a static display

JC, HOPE Technik

Because of how unique our product is, we were very glad that Sixtrees managed to accurately create and animate all the movements of our product. The look and feel was also reflected perfectly. Thank you Sixtrees!

JC, HOPE Technik

Sixtrees’ strength is in producing quality graphic design and animation. We were able to produce a video with a higher level of sophistication with the inclusion of their animation.

YC, NParks

During the course of the project, Sixtrees has consistently been able to meet our deadlines. When planning the milestones for the project, they took into consideration the amount of internal clearance we needed for each stage of the project, which is helpful for both parties to work towards reasonable deadlines.

YC, NParks


If you have any questions or enquiries, please don’t hesitate to send us a message and we will try our best to get back to you shortly.