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3d Scanning Solutions

Reality Capture | Laser Scanning | Photogrammetry | Digital Twins
Bringing Real World Physical Assets to the Virtual Worlds and the Metaverse

Increase your ROI on your real world asset!


What is Reality Capture?

It is the process of converting real world objects into computer 3d formats via a range of methods such as laser scanning, photogrammetry and custom 3d modeling.

Why Reality Capture?

As Hybrid models of work becoming increasingly common and demanded, the ability to interact over the internet becomes ever more important;  your physical real-world assets needs to be brought into the Metaverse to benefit your business as a Digital Twin

How can it help?

As a 3D model, as large as a building or a commercial vessel or small as a piece of jewelry,  once in the digital realm,  layers of interactivity can be overlaid on top of it.   Virtual Tours, Product Samples, Serious Games,

Founded in 2003, Sixtrees provides 3d solutions for many segments including:

  • ​Engineering, Maritime and Technical industries

  • Infrastructure and Construction

  • Product Stakeholders

  • Biomedical Animations

  • Architecture and Real Estate

  • Agencies and Marcoms 

What does a 3D scan look like?

Explore this 1970s AMX-13 Tank

Scanned for Singapore National Museum

What our clients say:

Project Manager was responsible, had a great sense of ownership, made sure timelines were met and followed up accordingly should she not get a reply from us/client. 




314A Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427565

+65 63446569

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