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Immersive, VR and AR,
Interactive 3D Experiences

Boost retention on your product, service, or brand, by adding 3D Interactivity and Immersion


It's no longer a world of passive messaging.   Interactivity not only increases engagement and retention, but also in this day and age of Hybrid (real + virtual) workflows and experiences, Digital Twins and the Metaverse, the need for interactive 3D experiences are more relevant than ever.

What can it do

The Sky’s the limit.  We create customized 3d apps, or utilizing the latest 3d game engines, to create high fidelity 3d objects, worlds, and experiences to suit your needs.

Augmented Reality for edutainment, Virtual Reality for Training,  Interactive 3D for product demos or Real Estate Marketing Virtual Tours, Digital Twins of Facilities linking IoT devices for Dashboard views; just to name a few.

Keen. but not sure where or how to start?   No problem!   

Established in 2003, we'd be happy to advise you on your project!

Drop us a line for a FREE ESTIMATE.   



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Abstract Background

Augmented Reality,  Virtual Reality


Simulations and Training, Entertainment, Brand Experiences, Virtual Tours, Virtual Events.  These are just some exciting AR / VR experiences that Sixtrees can help you with

Test Drive your AR Experience Here!

Web based AR allows for AR experiences without the need to download any apps!  If you are browsing with your laptop / PC / Desktop browser, point your mobile camera to this QR code to get a little pet on to your desk!


or if you are browsing this site on your mobile device, click here

Connecting Dots

Test Drive your Interactive 3D Experience Here

Metaverse, VR, Interactive 3D, same same but different. ;)
This 3D Interactive is best experienced on Desktop Browsers.   Walk around in realtime 3D, just like a computer game! Interact with the 3D object to see how it works!

What our clients say:

Project Manager was responsible, had a great sense of ownership, made sure timelines were met and followed up accordingly should she not get a reply from us/client. 



Metaverse, VR, AR, Interactive 3D
What does it all mean?

Confused?  Its OK.  We'll help you along.

The Metaverse. VR.  Interactive 3D.  xR.  New buzz words; different people will have slightly different interpretations, but its mostly the same to us.

Its just Computer Graphics 3D Content.  Like "Pokemon Go" is 3D.  Like "AVATAR" the movie is 3D.   Like "Minecraft" or "Fortnite" are 3D games.

Explore an environment in 3D and interact with things,(with or without goggles), and that's Virtual Reality (VR)

Overlay your 3D onto what your mobile device camera (or goggles) see, and thats Augmented Reality (AR), whilst Mixed Reality (MR) just means you can interact with the real and 3d object.   Collectively called Extended Reality, xR

So all in all, it boils down to an Interactive 3D Experience.  Whether via web browser, goggles, mobile xR or a desktop PC app.

But we suppose the Metaverse sounds cooler!

Keen but not sure where or how to start?   No problem!   

Drop us a line for a FREE ESTIMATE.   



request for a PRICE RANGE LIST !

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