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Immersive, Virtual and Augmented Reality Interactive 3D Experiences

Boost retention on your product and service by adding Interactivity and Immersion


It's no longer a world of passive messaging.   Interactivity not only increases engagement and retention, but also in this day and age of Hybrid (real + virtual) workflows and experiences, Digital Twins and the Metaverse, the need for interactive 3D experiences are more relevant than ever.

What can it do

The Sky’s the limit.  We create customized 3d apps, or utilizing the latest 3d game engines, to create high fidelity 3d objects, worlds, and experiences to suit your needs.

Augmented Reality for edutainment, Virtual Reality for Training,  Interactive 3D for product demos or Real Estate Marketing Virtual Tours, Digital Twins of Facilities linking IoT devices for Dashboard views; just to name a few.


Founded in 2003, Sixtrees provides 3d Interactive solutions for many segments including:

  • ​Engineering, Maritime and Technical industries

  • Infrastructure and Construction

  • Product Stakeholders

  • Biomedical Animations

  • Architecture and Real Estate

  • Agencies and Marcoms 

What our clients say:

Project Manager was responsible, had a great sense of ownership, made sure timelines were met and followed up accordingly should she not get a reply from us/client. 




314A Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427565

+65 63446569

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